Our software, called Ips-Qos provides excellent control over internet access.
It allows to create in the Linux operating system an advanced Internet router/bridge/server without having to learn the secrets of this system.

The development of techniques for virtualization (running on the computer at the same time multiple operating systems) allows the use of Ips-Qos virtual routers under the control of Microsoft Windows systems offering their users unrivaled network mechanisms of Linux.

Key Features of Ips-Qos package:
Internet protocol security – easily configurable firewall, that provides and secures the internet access of computers / servers on the local area network;
Quality of services – traffic shaping regulator, that controls and optimises the internet connection of computers / servers on the local area network.

Ips-Qos is easy to install, easy to use (managed via a web browser), cheap and constantly developing.

Have fun!